The Pussycat Dolls


Why are you talkin' all that talk?
Who you trying to impress?
Think you'd better check your style
That might have worked before, but I ain't havin it

Show me that you got the touch
Hear the words that I don't say
You gotta read between the lines
You gotta learn this song cause

I wanna be played
Like a sweet guitar
Played like a slow jam in the dark
Gotta find the groove
You know what to do
To get to me
I wanna be played
Like a violin
Make the strings talk with your fingertips
Never go to fast
Gotta understand
The way I need to be played (Played, played)

It's not about the way you roll
You are making it too obvious
Try to be original
You gotta learn me, don't be in such a rush
I can be your symphony
Liste to me all night long
If you get me what I need
I can be your favorite song


Baby just like that (Like That)
C'mon and do it again (Played)
We're gonna get this right
Even if takes all night (all night)
Uhhhhh uh
Ohhh ohhh
Yeah Yeah
Do You feel me?
That's right
Take it nice and slow

[Refrão 2x]

Compositor: Ashley Roberts

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