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Glamour Girl (feat. T-pain)

The Pussycat Dolls

what do you think that ya looking at.
cuz see me and ma girls are the top spot!
Can't you see we wear make-up and fancy clothes
other than you, you look dread-a-ful!

cuz we are...

Glamour girls, yeah that`s right!
Glamour girls, no complaining.
we are the fashion definition,
that`s why we're on a mission.

see, me and my lover have got better plans,
walking down the street, holding each others` hands.
Drivin to a resturant in ma convertible,
Eating all my dinner, still adorable.
yeah, me and ma girls have a man every night,
they know that we're hot at the first sight.
Cuz we are

Glamour girls, yeah that`s right
Glamour girls, no complaining
we are the fashion definition
that`s why we're on a mission

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