Two Girls In One

The Pursuit Of Happiness

She's two girls - two girls in one
She's the woman that she wants to be and the woman she's become
Don't even bother trying to figure it out -- go figure --
Two girls - two girls in one
Well, she's never been hungry, she's never been poor
But when you tell her what it's like she seems to know a little more
Yelling through the bathroom door 'bout how to liberate the masses
While she's putting on her lipstick and curling her false eyelashes
She'll won't wear a ring on her finger, no man can tie her down
But she wears one in her nose so he can pull her around
Sensitive and vulnerable, that's the kind she likes best
But he's got to have muscles, and a lot of hair on his chest
She provokes your lust just so she can refuse it
Sex is a weapon but only she's allowed to use it
She uses her whims to tell her what's wrong and right
And her ignorance to paint the world black and white

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