Something Physical

The Pursuit Of Happiness

His kisses are like drugs... They turn your eyes inside your head
Your skin comes alive... And your brain shuts off.
Then he turns on you and he's cruel and heartless
You can't figure out what went wrong
He's a hungry baby far from his mother
And you're no comfort at all
There's something physical between you
That keeps you tied to him
Like chains, it'll drag you down
WHen he's not around it's easy to intellectualize that he's no good
So you sit at home and you sleep and you dream a little more than you should
Then he opens the door
There's liquor on his breath, and perfume in his hair
He holds you close -- he's so warm and strong
And gradually you don't care
Sometimes you don't hear from him at all
And the voice in your head becomes a shout
What has he got that you can't live without

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