Nobody But Me

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Who's gonna make your tea in the morning like I do
Who's gonna rub your back when you come home from work
Who's gonna make you up every night like I do
Who's gonna let you go and never ask you where you were
All those other guys
The ones you've been playing with
You never know what they're gonna give you
You never know what you're gonna get
Who's gonna clean and perfume your bras like I do
Who's gonna make your macaroni and cheese
Who's gonna kiss you between the legs like I do
Who's gonna bite your ankles and your knees
Who's gonna understand
When you're always getting out of hand
Who's gonna bring you back
When you get so hard to crack
Nobody but me
Nobody but me
Who's gonna hold your hand in church like I do
Who's gonna hold your head when you come home drunk
Who's gonna risk his life in your bed like I do
Who's gonna risk his freedom buying you your drugs
You may not think I'm a lot
But I'm the only motherf**ker you've got
Who's gonna grab you when you're ready
And leave you alone when you're not
Nobody but me
Nobody but me

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