No Safe Place

The Pursuit Of Happiness

I've got a little girl, though I know it won't be long
Before she finds another boy who will sit her by the fireplace
And sing her a song
It feels like there's no safe place
In a world that's come apart
And the deafening sound of a bursting bubble
Wakes you up with a start
Is there nowhere that is safe
Why can't we change the rules so I win
All I need is an escape
A temporary place to hide
When she's coming in the door when she's walking out the door
hard to tell which is worse
That false feeling of relief when she comes in
Or the empty feeling when she's gone
And every night on the streets the forces of darkness
Score another victory
And I stand with the timid waiting for the devil
To make a martyr of me
Fold up the tents and load up the trucks
'cause it's time to move on
If we only knew where to go
I hope that we'd already be gone
And even when we're lying together, I make sure she falls asleep first
It seems when things are at their best, my mind starts to wander
to things at their worst
So do I fall asleep and dream of a peace that never will come
Or do I roll over and let her break the glass around my heart
And set off the alarm

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