Down On Him

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Well, you try so hard to keep him
Keep him next to you
With all you have to go through
It's all that you can do
And those books that you've been reading
Tell you how to please your man
So you take it on yourself
Take it all into your hands
And go down on him again
When he's distant and he's moody
You're sure that it's your fault
You want to be the kind of woman
Who will be his one and all
You know it makes him happy
Know how to give a thrill
So you do what you have to
Or some other woman will
You go down on him again
Do you hide inside yourself
So that you don't bother him
Do you laugh and shrug it off
When resentment begins
You know he doesn't give back
As much as he could
Would you slit your throat to sate him
I don't think that you should
Go down on him again

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