Cigarette Dangles

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Cigarette dangles - makes me hard
Kidnap me throw me in the back of your car
Take me to your room where the flowers hang like bats
Poison me with liquor then break out the party hats
Kiss me till you hurt me, then again until I'm numb
Burn holes in my neck with the venom of your tongue
Remind me again how lucky I am right now
Laugh at my body but then turn off the light and put out
Cigarette dangles
(I wanna ride the big wave)
Cigarette dangles
(Open up the bomb bay)
I wanna ride that wave
Your cigarette dangles, my flesh is weak
Pedal to the metal darlin', 'cause I'm about to peak
Now sit up straight, hook your legs through the rocking chair
I wanna find a new way to show you how I care
Cigarette dangles
Move your hair off your face so I can find your lips
Want to taste pepper on your mouth and on your fingertips
I hear the cats scratching at the door
You say, \"I'll feed them later,
Get back on the floor\"
Your cigarette dangles

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