All I Want

The Pursuit Of Happiness

There's no sound like the sound of you breathing
It's the sound that I want to put me to sleep at night
There's no word like the name that I call you
It's the song that I sing to make everything right
I don't want to change your way of thinking
I don't want to change what you believe
I don't want you to change a single thing
All I want is your hand tonight
You are the heaven that I've chosen to believe in
Your face lights the light of hope inside of my heart
The miracle of when we're together
Lives inside of me through the times that we are apart
I don't want you to walk on the water
You don't have to prove yourself to me
I don't need you to catch the roof above me
All I want is your hand tonight
Sometimes I think about you walking the street
Doing things that any other person might do
Sometimes I wonder what makes you think of me
Is it anything that I can follow you through
We don't have to be lovers in danger
Wouldn't put that kind of strain on you
Maybe we won't live happy ever after
All I want is your hand tonight

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