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A Villa In Portugal

The Pursuit Of Happiness

I never sought perfection, I loved her for her flaws
Someday you've got to do something nice for someone
and not wait for the applause
I started pluralizing my sentences I guess I skipped a verse
The moment I relied on her everything got worse
Oh no I could not say
She could mean to be so cruel
But the proof is on this postcard
>From a villa in Portugal
>From a villa in Portugal
She had the face of an angel mixed up with gypsy's hands
Her emotions blow to pieces, man she doesn't care where they land
She was going to a movie, a friend was gonna pick her up
She didn't say she was going all the way to the Iberian Peninsula
I never sought perfection, I loved her for her flaws
So I'm left her to wonder how the spell I was under
Is effect without the cause
It doesn't take a doctor with tools made to dissect
To smell in the air that hangs around here
Faith dying of neglect

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