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Born In The 50's

The Police


We were born
Born in the fifties

My mother cried
When president kennedy died
She said it was the communists
But I knew better

Would they drop the bomb on us
While we made love on the beach
We were the class they couldn't teach
'cos we knew better

We were born
Born in the fifties

They screamed
When the beatles sang
And they laughed when the king fell down the stars
O they should've known better

O we hated our aunt
Then we messed in our pants
Then we lost our faith and prayed to the tv
O we should've known better

We were born
Born in the fifties

We freeze like statues on the pages of history
Living was never like this when we took all those gce's
O you opened the door for us
And then you turned to dust
You don't understand us
So don't reprimand us
We're taking the future
We don't need no teacher

We were born
Born in the fifties

Compositor: Sting

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