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[Solo1] E|--------------------------- | ------------------- B|--------------------------- | ------------------- G|--------------------------- | ------------------- D|--------------------------- | ------------------ A|----0-0-3-0-----0-0-3-0-5-- | -0-0-3-0-5-0-2-3-2-- E|--------------------------- |-------------------- [Solo2] [Solo3] E|--------------------------- E|-------------------- B|--------------------------- B|-------------------- G|--------------------------- G|-------------------- D|----------7---------------- D|----------7--------- A|------3-----7-6-5-5-3-5-3-- A|------3-----7-6-5--- E|--5-5---5------------------ E|--5-5---5----------- [Solo4] E|------------------- B|------------------- G|------------------- D|------------------- A|----3-7-6-5--3-5-3- E|--5---------------- Intro: [Solo1] [Solo2]x4 [Solo3] ( Tocar o primeiro verso c/ solo 1 usando palm mute) A Until the break of dawn A D Life, life cannot go by the letter A D Time, time Prozac can make it better A D Noise, noise any kind will do G E Can you fell it sleep away when it's all on you A D Crime, crime rockin' like Janet Reino A D Time, time eighteen and life in Chino A D Freud, Freud all along it's true G When you'll see there comes a day E Catches a up to you <- Refrão A D Knock down the walls it's alive in you A D Knock down the place you're alone it's true A D Knock down the world it's alive in you G E You gotta keep your head up through it all You gonna A D G Bust out on it (original prankster) A D G Break out yeah (original yeah) A D G Bust out on it (original prankster) D A D A You never stop now, stop now G G# A That's what the main man say <- Repete -> [Solo2] x4 A You know it smells like shit D Goddamm tag team the double header A D Son of Sam fire always makes it better A D Navigate with style and aplomb G Cause wherever you're at E That's the you's on A D Lies, lies says he's down in the Bahamas A D Tries, tries bangin' little hoochie mamas A D No way none of this is true G Well he'll see there comes a day E When the joke's on you yeah Repete -> Refrão Repete -> Intro A D Dime, dime so good to see ya A D Nine, nine don't wanna to be ya A D Crime, crime fine sensimilla A D Crime, crime fine sensimilla A D Crime, crime fine sensimilla G When you'll see there comes a day E Catches a up to you Repete -> Refrão Obs: - Não tenho certeza quanto à exatidão do [Solo2] mas foi o mais próximo que pude chegar, considerando que foi tirado num violão. :) - Durante as estrofes toque o [Solo2]. - No refrão, toque o [Solo4]. Correções/Sugestões para: Correção: Thiago Silva Piola (

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