The Offspring

All I Want

The Offspring

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ya, ya, ya, ya, ya

Day after day
Your hole life's a wreck
The powers that be just breathe down your neck
You get no respect
You get no relief
You gotta speak up and yell out your peace


So back off your rules
Back off your jive
Cause I'm sick of not living
To stay alive
Leave me alone
I'm not asking a lot
I just don't want be controlled
It's all I want
It's all I want
It's all I want
It's all I want

ya, ya, ya, ya, ya

How many times is it gonna take
Till someone around you hears what you say
You've tried being cool
You feel like a lie
You've played by their rules
Now it's their turn to try


I said it before
I'll say it again
If you could just listen
then it might make sense


Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya

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