Song For God

The Mountain Goats

neighbor kids running across the front yard this evening
sun going down, wind gathering strength
the state i live in is the largest of its kind
it takes two days or better to drive across its length

if you try to come and find me, i will know you're coming
there's an old fallout shelter i can hide in
i won't even be able to hear their hoofbeats
when the horsemen ride in

another mild winter -- time seems to stand still
the sky swallows up the city like a tent
tiny breezes razor patterns in the dust
no way of saying what they're supposed to represent

i have come to where i've come to now
always abiding in you
if you try to find me now I'll be invisible to everything
when the horsemen come riding on through

A Note from Mr. Darnielle:
"Song For God" was cut largely because while the lyric clearly
reads "it takes two days or better to drive across its length,"
the singer of the recording in question has inexplicably chosen
to modify that to read "it takes two days or better to walk
across its length." I challenge anyone foolhardy enough to
try it to see whether Texas can in fact be walked in two days. I
would hazard to guess that it can't be done.

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