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Rockin' Rockin' Pet Store

The Mountain Goats

one burning afternoon under the waxing jurisdiction of the harvest moon.
we took a right and we went far away and
i remember it as though it were yesterday.
at the pet store.

the stereo played songs we both knew and
i reached my arm around and touched you.
i felt the sun burning into me and
i knew we'd find the physic for my malady
at the pet store.

you hair caught the sunlight as you opened the door
and i'd never seen your hair looking quite that way before.
i heard the parakeets punctuate the moment with their
shrieks and cries.
i saw the reptile cages reflected in your blue eyes.
their green bodies conspiring therein
to form a separate universe where it was no sin
to want what i wanted right then and there in the pet store.

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