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History Of The Church (part 1)

The Mountain Goats

in the early days of the christian church
there was a movement among free thinking christians called gnosticism.
now the gnostics believed that the incarnation of christ had been completely illusory
and their reasoning was as follows:
that if god is holy and the body is unholy,
then god would not inhabit a body.
hence people had been seeing things when christ walked the earth.

now about this this time lived a man named polychar.
polychar had received his teaching at the hands of john the apostle.
it was polychar's earnest belief that the gnostics were heretics
and he visited rome to tell them so.

he met up with a guy named marcheon
extremely influential among the gnostics.
and marcheon, realizing polychar's status at having studied under john the apostle
demanded that he be recognized.
polychar was about sixty years old and he extended an aging arm
and pointed toward marcheon and said i recognize
i recognize
i recognize
the first born son of satan!

that was polychar.

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