The Mountain Brothers


[Posdnuos] "Bringing damage to your borough be some brothers
from the East with the beats that be thorough"

Rhymes that be thorough, flows that be thorough
Shows that be thorough (Thoroughbred)

Kitty cats be jocking when they catch me in the hallways rocking
My tracks is like Jehovah's Witnesses, always knocking
Just when you thought you had all forgotten
The album is dropping, stop all of your cock blocking
Chops and MB's is hitting off the meters
I lace tracks with the strings from Run-DMC's addidas
Cooler than water rice from Rita's
Your daughters fight to meet us
My rhythm has given hella divas the yellow fevers
You know the steez, chill like zero degrees
Folks notice me both locally and oversees
Go with ovaries, be standing close to me, hopefully
Enter the Dragon, essentially bag them like they were groceries
Vocally ain't nobody approaching me
Even supposedly, I'm talking globally bi-costally
You know the three Mountain Bros and we flow with ease
leaving you holding these, impeach the president so you can vote for me,

[Chorus x2]

When I school kids I'm cool and ruthless
Crews end up looking foolish and losing saying "I'm a quit music!"
I'm the type of cat with two chicks, with nice full lips
That like huge tits dipped in Cool Whip
When I'm spilling, women, find me appealing
If I had a dime for every time a lady caught feelings
That's about a million, I'd a made a killing
Back in college, I majored in chilling
I'm only bugging, you know me, cousin
Your chance of beating me it's really close to nothing
And your girl's lonely, is she needing loving?
Check it out, I'll bone her and you won't even owe me nothing
Yeah I'm kinda shameless, that's why I'm a crowd favorite
Girls misbehave with us, their fellas want to blame us
That's the lamest, you can't contain us
Brainless ignoraimous, don't you know our name yet?
We're the greatest, most entertaining-est
Mountain Brothers, world motherfucking famous, biiiitch!

[Chorus x2]

The live shit we bless the nation, fly chicks are rest in place in
My custody for private investigation
You cry in lust to see the sky kid to test your patience
So why trust in me cause I spit these gestations
A thought, estimation's an art, sensations get caught
Tangled in the brain I fought, wrangle with the pain and rap with clout
You pissy drunk on old fashioned
Reminisce yapping bout 50 trunks of cold cashin'
Ever since the Genesis the blackness, meanices attract this
My nemesis the wackness practice
Through the book of Revalations, it's changed
We shoot the treble, bass, and midrange
And took the devil's place and get strange
I'm only buggin', Chops quantitized the beats
Harmonize with freaks thats carmelized and sweet
We on a rise to meet all challengers
Wanna slide your feet off balances and beast the raw talented

[Chorus x4]

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