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The Roli Rho Show

The Mountain Brothers

3 minutes to sound check and Roli Rho is still in Reno
Beginners and rednecks say, "Holy smokes! He's Filipino!"
Sneaking from the back as the people come in packs
Put the needle to the wax and get lethal on the track
Inspect the technique of this 5th Platoon soldier
Catching wreck till next week when he flips the tunes over
Beats change a part of me. Percolate verbally
All veins and arteries circulate ???
Terminally ill in 1 night ripped 2 colleges
Permanently skilled, shine brighter than shoe polishes
Finger tips never slip plus a quick violent wrist
MB's forever rip bust a sick knowledge twist
Half words half sounds from the mixologist
Afterwards giving pounds with a thick, solid fist
Pass the herb, beer, and steak right over this way
For Roli Rho, AKA big nutty DJ

R! O! the L. the I. (Mountain Brothers)
Raw talented. (in your area). Who's the man behind the group?
R! O! the L. the I. (Mountain Brothers)
When I say Roli you say Rho! Roli! Rho! Roli! Rho!

Constantly crushing these nuts like low blows
Mountain Bros and Roli Rho came through and stole the show
Sicker than polio, Ill Repute make you overdose
You got no class. The school nurse wrote a note
Where it stops, no one knows. Those who enter with a closed
Mind leaving with an open nose
Yo you're not ready for the turntable toe to toe
Roli eating up DJs, they're eating loads of crow
Make you change your name to DJ So-and-So
You're not Janet Jackson, you got no control
So you roll. Bro, you got a ways to go to grow
There's no amateurs up in here, it's only pros
You need TP for you bunghole, Cornholio
Roli cutting heads, stack them up and make a totem pole
I spit strictly hip-hop quotables
Not just to battle is the war every true soldier knows

R! O! the L.. the I.. (battle anybody)
East coast west coast worldwide! (Mountain Brothers). Bout to tear it up
(Mountain Brothers). in your area
When I say Roli you say Rho! Roli! Rho! Roli! Rho!

Let me tell you all about a DJ friend of mine
Roli Rho reppin 5th Platoon enterprise
A stand up guy with a similar aquarian mind
Cutting the cuts rap DJs can't identify
He'll serve up a home run right off the bat
Skills off the mat when Roli Rho is on the track
Fuck the DAT cuz we ain't having no more of that
He wears an SP-808 right across his back
It's Roli Rho.
It's Roli Rho!
It's Roli Rho.
It's Roli Rho.

Save the drama . bust them down. [x4]

Ya'll know who's great so make no mistake
He's been known to walk a mile for a T-Bone steak
Pull the records out the crate at a constant rate
There's no need to hate your crabs cuz there's no debate
Debonairest DJ with the Nautica wears
To test you oughta be prepared or oughta be scared
After shows me and Rho sit back and order a beer
Worldwide phenomenon, 4th corner of the square

R! O! the L. the I. Roli Rho! [x3]
When I say Roli, you say Rho! Roli! Rho! Roli! Rho!

Are you ready for something real? Cuz you can't be fake

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