The Mountain Brothers

[Chorus: x2]
It's all about the m-o-n-ey
Why must everything revolve around the penny?
I walk upon the streets without a penny
tryin' to keep a steady pace - "I'm on a paperchase!"

Nowadays, I see many count the ways
to how it pays to shout a phrase on a chorus and bore us
Without amazin' rhymes, in these disgrace in times
Lemme state my case about the paperchase
I know it's hard tryin' to escape the pace
Of the fast lane situated in a gold-plated camry, lex, or benz
But what about some perk-related family checks for friends
the fall of hip hop it's gonna be
fucking ceo's don't see my flow as a business opportunity
How soon we forget what it means to be original
seems to me they feen to see residuals
I reckon smash flows gettin' payed for half-assed shows
Most are too concerned about collecting cash flows
You get burned on down but they see dash hoes on your set
Well, all I need is food on the table
Those that got my back despite the fact, dude, from the label
Means I'm financially able, we still maintain hip hop and keep it stable


You gotsa know your friends and enemies and those who just pretend to be
the ones who go "remember me?", what good old days, memories
we never had together, friends and fair weather, yea whatever
You used to have no time for us, and now you wanna rhyme with us
Come on and spend a dime with us, and check some sisters
nothin' but lovin' on your mind, and come and find it was just tricks
They rob and leech tryin' livin' life somethin' rich and famous, you're making me sick
Because you're shameless, plus you see me like pomegranates
You seen it and said i'm a habit. Nowhere to be found when we was underground
strugglin', but now you come around all of a sudden, checkin' wallets for dollars, you bug me
I give promise to those who knew us when we was nothing 'cuz that's the truth
Form of support that was pure, we had yours from the doorground floor
and evaded the rhymes and finally made it, you wasn't fishy, never gonna be unappreciated


It's true that gold rules the whole globe, diamond no close
well, there were art of inlays with gold fixtures
'til I remain a bitch to the dollar. Admit it
insulate it with the Philly caps the facts that's good cash
But the fact remains material gains can't steer the clever pains
this lifestyle musta formed a nice while
But i'll state the grass was kinda greener in a leaner pasture
I wouldn't give up livin' with hip hop for love was much cleaner
It's a fine line tryin' to get some money plus represent for me
what to choose what imitation is against the paycheck
Rockin' dashin' fashions and stashin' cash hits, but what is this
am I a business man or just a heavy spendage?
I got ten times the ends but only half the real friends
lying in plus settin' bettin' one thousand would break houses
but what counts is I tol' all my soul i'm just a slave to chasin' of the paper


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