The Mountain Brothers

"Researchers have found that the sense
of balance comes in part from fluid"


Take a drink a replentish the fluids, make you think
ahhhhhh Got to get your fluids

It's the most prominant new, East coast dominant crew
Not the one to play maintain, how you gonna stay same?
When my style's a runaway train, giving heads deviated septums
Toxicating the living dead, inebriated I left you
Stumbling quick, the verbal interceptor crumbling clicks
With the drunken scipts leaving sunken ships humbling tricks, mumbling shit
From 216 to 610, sun vibes got you feeling swell,
gun live watched the Illadelph
Complex, not inferior, my rhyme wrecks interior parts
Send fear in your hearts, underground I never hear of your charts
Clearing your arteries, the flow master
Like refillable ink, replentishing fluids no blemishes through it
It's syllables sinking your cerebrum, skillful Chink you didn't believe him
What the fuck I'll make you think, take your drink then decieve him
The lyrical shape shifter, spiritual weight lifter
With the great gift of gab, yeah yeah, hah

[Chorus x4]

Record companies are just like Weight Watchers
They take your loot then make you less, stopping more popular
But sure as cream and Khalua scream through my intravenus fluid
I'm not going to be able to do it
My posse's too X-streme for such schemes
My crushing dreams is just a part of half of rapping is the riches now
Got your neck snapping harder than Barbra Eden granting wishes
Hah! (Yeah, that kid is ill!) That's right
The extra skill I take back will never end
I'll blow away your whole career like Divine and Hugh Grant
Now who's the true champion? Say "Styles" the man beyond you you're right
Best learn my name, I burn the stage and turn a phrase like Vanna White
Command the mic, lots of crabs want to tap my whole division
You're lacking motor ripping, won't survive the cold listen
Have you in a prone position
You lost you rep, your face, on top of that your whole tradition

[Chorus x4]

Never forgetting where I come from cause I leave a trail of crumbs
Like Hansel and Grettle, I don't play,
that is unless I have a chance at a metal
You don't say, cats flooding the gas advancing the petal
It's okay, I provide you with a spark and we get it burning
To get you open like a transplant surgeon,
giving MC's a change of heart
Act like you know, but that ain't quite so
Cause you always turning playing the part, but yo the doctor is in
And so Chops can begin, mostly skin and bones but I be boning skins
Get your ass waxed like Parafin,
you should have stayed a little embarrassing
Pale in comparison, it's the three Asian-Americans bros with
The focus on killing vice, it's like overdoses,
so just step like aerobics courses
I'll fold your forces, hold your horses
cause I put heads to bed like The Godfather
Hip-hop is kinda scary
cause a lot of cats is talking out their ass like Jim Carrey
And saying nada, but I know "The Time" like Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
Man you got to get your fluids

[Chorus x4]

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