Ain't Nuthin '98

The Mountain Brothers

I get over easy like your brain on drugs
Strainin more mugs than them alcoholics in Germany
Don't even think of servin me,
Get off these tips and pour some coffee, slick
Loads of people say, I know those motherfuckers who don't sleep either,
You're like time, you keep on slippin
I'm puttin claims in check like baggage, so quit trippin
We're knockin the boots on prostitutes,
Rockin original beats that got no loots
Not with a noose in an apple tree
You wouldn't have juice enough to hang with me
I use a buck to wipe my ass 'cause see, my shit is on the money
Mentally, I'm like the way a white girl smells wet, you know, kind of
That's how it's gonna be, phonies get in the middle like Monie

When I take liberty,
In my detailed delivery,
Makin females get shivery,
Chills up the spine, fills up the mind givin me
Wild ideas, 'cause the P is next to flex in three easy steps
See, we representin my intentions to wake up,
The beast that slept, keys are kept in the pocket, to unlock it,
The secret, to rock shit 'cause we controllin the cockpit
Rollin, at high speed, I proceed to go duck hunting
Fools best press the self-destruct button, 'cause it ain't nuthin

[HOOK x4]
I made it look easy because it is to me
A-A-Ain't Nuthin

I strike in the same frame
A random heist upon the hand device
I'm chokin mics like pop rocks
You got less game than Rock and Jock
You ???
Rub em the right way, might say I got the might
My midas touch blows up spots twice, makes you see four(C4)
Writers block or detour, there's no passin me
Styles impounds rappers,
Get the boot right in the X 'cause you the crash test dummy
Smash comp' like Captain Caaaaaveman
So why you hasslin with me, money and rhymes be prehistoric
But boy, I'm quantum leaps and bounds behind your sound, check the
Chops crops our samples on MPEX-4 tracks,
When ??? warm up to blow

This combination's got em sayin, that's my shot,
No trickin, Chops, I stick em,
'Cause I'm phat boy, assume the position,
See, my talk is because of MC's chalkin up losses
My spin on English draws a following
Still earnin my stripes while I've been searchin for the right label
To play on a level table and able to do us all a solid one
Low on scratch hoping to catch a break,
Fake bastards who play like jackets with 8-balls on the back of them,
That wack shit ain't nuthin

[HOOK x4]

Perform stomach surgery on those who commit perjury
Now you're gutless
That is why I, satisfy my urge to be
Mergin the verbally expressed, not wack inflections,
With track selections as long as we lack objections
Sustained shatter, must spray matter, into rhythmic paterns
A smatter in the cuts be splatterin the guts,
Of chatterin, nuts
no buts, if ands, end up with cold stiff hands,
With no advance, lift ends on true hiphop and shift plans
Give fans what's expected, top notch, we do justice
Wreck shit, stop, watch, the crew bust this
Plus this redirected energy causes memory losses,
False testimony, wood suggested for me, MC who gets in to me

Styles the name fool, I reclaim the mic like Chicago
I'm your role model, throttle the apparatus,
Hold a cold bottle in my left grasp,
My status is idol of the masses as the tone is volatile how those styles
get raw,
Resonate when I, represent the Tri-state, when I operate
I plant my sock in your eye case, make your blood spots the pavement
'Cause I was up on rap back when O.J. and Nicole were fucking
Just plain and simple son, to me this shit ain't nothin

[HOOK x4]

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