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Que Dios Te Maldiga Mi Corazon

The Mars Volta

So many crosses she could nail you to
But I think that this one will do
Dripping initials from rottin' fruit
Look in the mirror and say it three times
¿Qué dice el espejo que se cayó?
Alma vitrea
Que dios te maldiga, corazón

Slow the drip down
Una voz desde la niebla oscura
Mi cruz al revés lo escondió

Don't block the view
Silhouette of a silhouette
No, nothing of proof
Silhouette dice
Silhouette of his control
Has no one considered he'd run?
Stole your breath when he's got it
This is a silhouette of his control

Yes, it's loaded, the thing is loaded
He'd always leave it in the safe by her portrait
Yes, it's loaded, that thing was loaded
He'd flash it at you with a hint of a smile
Loaded, loaded
She feeds her young by remote
With children who conspire to feast on the world
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