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C'mon, Let's Spawn

The Make-up

I wanna be a big fish in a small pond, oh yeah
I went to the ocean once and I almost drowned
All those ships casting out their lines
All those 8-armed octopi
All those gulls flying in the sky
A small pond baby is for you and I
I wanna be a big fish in your small pond
C´mon let´s spawn
I wanna protect you from the lures and the bait
The fishermen lying in wait
Oil spills and naval wars
Ugly children lying on the shore
I don´t need a pasture to roam
I just wanna tight space to call my own
I don´t need no elbow room
A small pond baby is for me and you
C´mon child we´ll swim upstream
Lay our eggs and go out to sea
No bottom feeder this is our domain
Small pond child is where you gotta stay
No harpoon, no spear gun
Small pond baby is where I´m coming from...

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