The Lightning Seeds

Whenever I Do

The Lightning Seeds

Well I don't need no one
Except when I do
And that's when that no one
Is someone like you

Nothing seems shaped to fit
I remember the times we'd sit
Doing nothing 'cept watch TV
And that seemed alright to me

But I don't want no one
Except when I'm blue
And that's when that no one
Is someone like you

Lying there every night
I'm wondering why nothing seems right
Now all my songs are blue
Just at the thought of you

I held you tight
Tight in these arms
Dear then you said goodbye
Now you're not here
Well, I dream every night
You'll catch my tears
But I know
Can't be the same
Won't feel the same
I'll take the blame
Cause it's all the same
In the end

When I think of someone
Whenever I do
The face that I long for
Turns out to be you

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