The Lightning Seeds

Sweet Dreams

The Lightning Seeds

He is coming down with some kind of cold
she's running round

He's feeling old, he needs the rest, but she wants more
And then he blows like a hurricane
and tears pour out and fall like rain

But she'll keep holding on 'cause it's all that she wants

And she's dreaming sweet dreams tonight
And with a smile that says for him she's heaven sent
She's dreaming sweet dreams tonight

Like a wagon wheel you make me feel
You spin me round, like I was your clown

She is going down
Down to the other side of town
With open eyes that see the truth but can't see more
'Cause he might blow like a hurricane
And tears pour out and fall like rain

Ooh, you, you, you've got your hooks in me

But, oh, I'd never want for you to set me free
keep a hold on me

And she hopes that he'll be coming
And he hopes she knows that he'll come running

You've got to take yourself to take the blows
Like you have a hundred times before
And dream those sweet dreams tonight

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