The Lightning Seeds

Don't Let Go

The Lightning Seeds

Hold tight, all night
And don't let go
My head's light, my hands are tied
I won't let go
Tonight, crystal lights surround me
Like stars that pour in a waterfall
As love comes down

I found rainbows, where you go I go
I'm stuck on you, I'm stuck like glue
From kisses to blows, in our eyes it shows

Pleasure meets paradise
And it won't let go
So nice, butterflies
Don't let go
Tonight, no thunder clouds in my skies
In silver chains, the summer rain comes pouring down

Here it comes, here it comes again (here it comes)
I remember now, and then
It's like a long-lost friend, here it comes again

It's alright, I know I'm right
Don't let go
Hold your breath, and don't forget
Don't let go

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