The Lightning Seeds

All The Things

The Lightning Seeds


The sun's a dream that shines so bright it makes you
So keep your eyes on bluer skies
Tonight i wanna fly and kiss the highest star
Go far away get lost in space

And if there's no-one there to guide me
Tell me how you get it straight
I'm hoping fate will find me
To free me from my present state

Of dizzy nights with crazy dreams
Drowning in a human stream
Won't you come and rescue me

'cos when the walls are closing in
On days where the strangest things remind me
Of all the things that could have been
Like whispers on the winds that blow me

Doesn't matter how i try
You're always on my mind
Today's a sea that never ends i've really tried
It just rolls by till it hits the sky

I'd beg the moon to end the day
And change the tide
Bit it's really high and i'm really tired

I'm hoping fate will find me tomorrow could be up or
But nowhere inside my is believing in forever now

The future may be twice as cool
I don't know where i'm going to
Won't you come and see me through

Come and do it to me babe
Come and do it for be baby
Only you can do it for me babe

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