The Killers

Wembley Song

The Killers

In the Borough of Brent
If the legend is real
Stood a two-headed monster
Made of 23 thousands tons of steel
And they called it Wembley

Whether it's a hot-blooded win
Or a heart-breaking loss
Those 3 lions, proudly play
Under the weight of St George's cross
Out a Wembley

Day oh
Day oh
Day oh
Day oh

Pink Floyd, The Animal and Genesis
The Who without the Moon
ELO, INXS, Michael you left us all too soon
But you climbed those stairs to Wembley

The Boss, The Stones, The Main in Black
The B*** is Back and Fleetwood Mac
Take That, Bon Jovi
And Green Day, I said some shit
But that was the old me

U2, Oasis, The Foos
The Eagles, Madonna and Muse
Metallica, Viva La Vida, AC DC, GnR
George Michael stay away from cars
'66 the winning team, Freddy Mercurie and Queen
I can still hear Freddie sing

Day oh
Day oh
Day oh
Day oh

After tonight you gonna put
Another name in that list

Mr. Brightside had you scratching your heads
When you heard we were from Vegas?
But you were positive it was Sheffield or Camden
But that didn't matter
The seed was planted
You took us in like your own
Now we're bound by tradition
My how we've grown
From Dave's apartment to Wembley

I got a soul but I'm not a soldier
Da da da da da
And the decade disappeared like a sinking ship
But we persevere, God give us hope
But we still fear what we don't know

The devil's water and the good old days
Ain't we all just runaways?

Day oh
Day oh
Day oh
Day oh
Day oh
Day oh
Day oh
Day oh

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