The Killers


The Killers

Pressure Machine

(Um, I hunt elk and deer, um, turkeys, just around here
Um, I've hunted antelope, um
And growing up, we had to be twelve before we could hunt
And now they've lowered it to
As soon as you pass hunter's safety, you can hunt, so
I had to wait until I was twelve, ha-ha
As long as you can hold up a gun and shoot it)

Hey, sleepwalker, don't you miss the way
Wildflowers paint the western hills?
Or the first autumn whisper mid-September brings
And the glowy excitement that it builds?

Everyone is afraid of something
Evеn the strongest man alive
Hеy, sleepwalker, we went walking in the western hills
And we picked you wildflowers
You gotta open your eyes

Hey, dreamcatcher, come out and see the leaves
The mountainside's all watermelon red
Soon enough, they're gonna rust and fall
Leave the mountainside cold and bare
But when the longer days of sun appear
They'll be rising like an answered prayer and I know that

Everyone is afraid of losing
Even the ones that always win
Hey, sleepwalker, when the mountain comes back to life
It doesn't come from without
It comes from within

The hills are barren, but we look for what's to come
Sweeter skies and longer days of sun
When you wake up, I'll be standing in the line
To kiss your eyes and wipe the tears from mine

'Cause everyone is afraid of something
Even the strongest man alive
Hey, sleepwalker, Western Bluebells
And Painted Cups are getting ready to rise
It's time to begin
It doesn't come from without
It comes from within

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