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Things Work Out

The Kickdrums

Trying to figure out, why I bottle things inside
Like everything’s alright, it’s getting old..
I’m getting bothered
Wait it out and don’t you be afraid
This town is such a waste,
So forgettably plain (oh oh)
Running out of space, outnumbered pushed aside
Can’t even turn around,
Do what you told and keep the order
Straighten up, or else you can’t complain
When things just stay the same
It’s a pile of rust painted gold

Some people will go the wrong way
Till they’re lost without a clue
But don’t think that bullet’s meant for you

Some people float across a dream world
Where they’re stuck like glue
But I don’t think that bullet’s meant for you

Don’t you think it’s funny, how things work out
(la la la)

Trying to figure out what you wanna hear
I guess I never learn, it’s getting old I shouldn’t bother
Pardon me, I’m just bored to tears
Trying to ignore, the ring in my ears (oh oh)
We’ll show the world, at least we’re gonna try
Lead them to the light, it’s no surprise it’s getting harder
I said enough, it all sounds so contrived
Borderline absurd, it’s like a sucker punch wave goodbye

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