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Sunday To Saturday

The June Brides

Hearing the babble of laughter
I'll join your friends and come over
So many faces I don't know
when everyone soars why I feel low
This must be somebody's nightmare
where is the fun in this 'funfair'
The debris of dreams haunts the showground
I'll lie low and wait for a showdown

But it's not me, we all agree
Things seem to work this way
Sunday 'til Saturday
Veils of bright beauty hide visions obscene
and tired old excuses for current abuses
means no-one will say what they mean

Sometimes I wish we were all dumb
No falsehoods could drip from this these false tongues
Sometimes I feel there's no virtue
The smallest of things tend to hurt you

No need to make reservations
this train leaves at six from this station
We'll learn how to walk then to tumble
to swagger is worse than to stumble

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