The June Brides

When you take me home
You mustn? t do too much for me
I can crib a lot of things
From collective memory

I may swing the lead
And try it on quite shamelessly
Well why not make the most of it
Our collective memory

Everything I ever knew
Every furrow I've ever ploughed
All the things I learned to do
Are stored
Up in the cloud
Up in the cloud

Feed me little cakes
On a spoon and dunked in linden tea
We can leave the rest of it
To collective memory

And if there's any little thing
Some trivia you need from me
Just ask and I can call it up
From collective memory

Every move I ever made
To bring me shame or make me proud
All the games I ever played
Are stored
Up in the cloud
Up in the cloud

And if you find me at the top of the stairs looking round
With a shoe upon each hand
Set on going into town
don't wonder how I got there or how to get me down
Just let me choose a spot where I can land

I have left you little things
Where? I can't say for the life of me
The locations are as good as logged
In collective memory

And if one day I don't come home
If I have strayed off just a bit too far
I can tell you who I was
If you can tell me who you are

And if I never say those words
You know the ones we don't speak out loud
They will be forever slurred
And stored
Up in the cloud
Up in the cloud
Up in the cloud
Up in the cloud

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