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Zombie Skank

The Jesters

When we were alive, we were called rude boys
And every weekend, we'd go out to some show.
We weren't afraid to get up and make some noise.
But now, since we're dead, they say we can't go.
Shut the doors in our faces, won't let us make a sound,
Trying to avoid us 'cause we smell kinda rank,
So what if we've got free room and board in the ground:
It's no good bein' dead 'cause they won't let ya skank.

ZOMBIE SKANK, You know, skankin' when you're dead?
ZOMBIE SKANK, I must be outta my head!
ZOMBIE SKANK, Don't want us here no more,
But even Death can't keep us off the dance floor.

My arm's fallin' off, my eyes just popped out,
They're looking at us like we're in some kind of trance.
We look all around us, and they start to shout:
When you're decaying, it's too hard to dance.
The women avoid us, it's almost like we're cursed.
We look out of place, our clothes are all ripped.
We don't want to be terse, but we can't end this verse
'Cause here comes the hearse to take us back to our crypt.

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