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Welcome To Clown School

The Jesters

Welcome to clown school
Come on in
It feels so good
It's got to be a sin

Hello, Hello, everyone gather round
We're The Jesters and we think we have a new sound
Ain't got red noses or clown suits on
Just a couple of horns and a pocketful of songs
We don't know what, and we don't know why
We don't know how but we know we're going to try
So grab your friends and have some fun
We're gonna take this chance to say where were from


Calling all the rude boys around the globe
It's time to skank like the days of old
Shooting for the funk junkies from back in the day
Come out, come out, 'cause it's time to play
And all you punks, wherever you are
Our sound's going to hit you like a speeding car
For the party people dancing through the night
This party's starting now and it's starting right


There it is, that's our story
We're headed for fame, fortune, and glory
Check your problems at the door
This here's our song and we got more in store
Jive your ass off, or skank your heart out
If you like what we're doing then give us a shout
But we're out of words and this is getting long
Let's stop it now and start a new song

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