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Waiting For Another

The Jesters

Gliding though the darkness, flying through the night,
City lights a blur, everything was all right.
You had a shining glow, a silvery charm,
But I had no idea that you would cause me any harm.

Well it came out of nowhere: "End of the line."
What's goin' on here? I though we were doin' fine.
Ain't no reason to leave, ain't no reason to quit,
But you didn't listen to reason, uh-uh, you just split.

Now I'm waiting, I'm waiting for another,
You keep me waiting, I'm waiting for another...

Where'd I go wrong? I can't believe what you're sayin',
Not once did I smoke or do any loud radio playin'.
No answer. It was clear you wanted to get me out of your sight,
And with a smirk you threw me into the cold dark night.

And now I'm waiting...

Now I'm here all alone, getting lonely, growing old,
And there's nothing to shelter me, and it's, oh, so cold.
You left me with the promise another would come along.
But now I'm starting to think that you were dead wrong.

'Cause I'm still waiting, yeah, waiting for another,
You keep me waiting, waiting for another...

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