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Skank To This

The Jesters

Same people, same looks, same stares, same faces
Same buildings, same streets, same cars, same places
Same teachers, same bosses, same work, same shit
Same rules, same limits, same sky, that's it
I need to get away
My brain's clenched like a fist
I need to run, I need to shout
I want to skank, skank, skank to this

Skank, skank to this...

The sky's falling down, inflation is a rising
Death and doom lie just on the horizon
Generation X is called a sour lot
Attention spans are short and, uh, I forgot
Shit mucks up our food, pollution clogs the air
There's too many people and no room to spare
But don't get scared, don't be pissed
Just skank, skank, skank to this


I think I want to see you bounce...
Bounce, bounce, bounce around
Everybody in the house be shaking the ground
Bounce, bounce, bounce around
The Jesters are here to get on down

Well there comes a time when you've got to say, "Fuck it"
I've got to go live or I'll kick the bucket
At times like these you need to unwind
And go chill out with some of your own kind
Hang with a rude boy, romance a rude girl
Paint the town red, yeah give it a big whirl
Get moving now, it's a chance you can't miss
Just skank, skank, skank to this

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