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I'm A Child

The Jesters

Ever since I was a boy, I did lotsa stuff,
It was hard for me, I was not quite buff.
I think fat is the word that would describe what I was,
I couldn't get a woman.

You look at a fat person, thinkin' they're fat,
Don't get attention, don't get stuff like that,
They try their hardest to be loved by all.
It doesn't work.

This kinda sucks, no women at all,
Ya go in your room, ya start to ball.
What can I say, I was once like that,
I was stupid.

Whaddya do, you go and act kinda stupid,
You just stupid.
People kinda laugh 'cause they stupid too.
This world is stupid.

Ya got the few who be so uptight,
Can't take a joke, they always think they right.
What can I say, man, I hate those kind.
They suck.

You get grown up, ya doin' your thang,
People like to laugh when ya do it.
But whaddya do, hell, you don't stop,
So you dress up like a woman.

Who do you think laughs, lots of folks,
'Cause they know you're kidding,
But some just don't, they think you stupid.
They stupid.

Those people need to get a grip on reality.
Here's what they say in all their formality:
"You're starved for attention, you're such a child."
Hells no!

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