The Jesters

I've been talkin' to you for a while.
I've been talkin' to you for a long, long time.
We used to be good friends,
We used to talk about almost everything.
But lately somethin's come over you,
And things just aren't the same.
Your body's here but you mind has gone:
And that is the reason I sing this song.

I'd like to be engaged in something just a little more enthralling.
This conversation's getting old.
Could we change the subject or maybe pick another topic?
I must admit I'm getting bored.

Now talkin' to you is a drag.
Talkin' to you only makes me sad.
An intellectual mind has been lost.
The words you select provoke no thought.
And when I speak you just look at me.
Your blank stare makes me see
That nothin's goin' on inside your head.
You are brain dead.

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