The Jesters

Nothing's ever perfect but we came close
I thought I gave you everything--
thought I gave you the most
A joyous celebration, a jubilee
But this comedy turned into tragedy
The crash I felt as you slammed the door
Left me shattered and helpless as I sank to the floor
You ripped out my heart and smashed it on the ground
Then you smothered it till it could no longer pound

I've learned a lot and now I understand
Just what it means to be your man
And now I realize it's plain to see
Just what it was you needed from me
Why can't you look at me and think I'm the one?
It seems that things have come undone
And I don't want to be -- Alone

Think back to what we shared
The thought of you still makes my feelings flare
Complete loss and loneliness
Never have I been so damn depressed
I made mistakes I got no breaks at all
I tried to leave a message you refused to call
I can't understand why your love left so fast
I shield myself from this hurt, the pain is bound to pass


I never thought that it would end like this--I never thought that it could end at all
My lips are begging for your kiss--I need someone to break my fall
I still believe that we were meant to be--despite the fact that you want nothing from me
I'm still convinced that we could work it out--but you've resigned without a doubt
If only we could start things up anew
'Cause I'm afraid to be alone without you
No one can cure my sense of pain
And I can only hope you'll feel the same

(chorus) x 2 (fast):
And now that I understand
I know I really wanted to be your man
And now I can clearly see
Just what it was that you needed from me
I think the glory days have passed
It's too damn bad these things can't last
It seems you just let things go -- too fast

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