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Something To Hold On To

The Jeff Healey Band

Well, you'll have to pardon her frustration
She just got out of a bad situation in love
That she ain't over yet

For a long time she's been deep in sorrow
She can't face that fear that tomorrow alone
She's got to try to forget

She just needs something to hold on to for a little while
Someone who can make her feel all right
No commitments, no guarantees, she just needs some company
Something to hold on to for a night

Well, she never thought she'd be this lonely
She thought that she was the one and only for him
And he would never run away

But then he left without a warning
And ever since that sad, dreary morning
Her heart has been hammered day by day


Well, now she's got her strength together
She can feel a change in the weather
for her, she knows where her head's at

Forget all those romantic notions
And get control of all your emotions
Ain't she ready for nothin' like that

Yeah, she just need something to hold on to for a night

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