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House That Love Built

The Jeff Healey Band

The bar was filled with smoke and lies,
I couldn't see a thing, it burned my eyes
I pushed a strange woman off my lap,
she had a snake tattooed on her back

The doors opened into the night,
the silence kissed my worried life
I heard a song comin' from the back,
it played over and over again


I stood just around the bend, over the hill,
across the river bed, one step closer to hell
If I forget about my past, forget about my guilt,
I go back to the house that love built, that love built

I went back to the bar again,
and headed straight for the band
I need to remember not to forget,
all the life and the love we had

So play that song and make it right,
get me out of this lonely night
Slapped all my money into his hand,
said play it over and over again


Let me come inside, baby,
let me come inside into the house that love built,
that love built, the house that love built,

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