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Heart Of An Angel

The Jeff Healey Band

No problem believing,
in what she can't understand or seeing
What she can't hold in her hand

Faith is her religion
You can see it in her eyes
When all the saints and the sinners,
stop to wave bye-bye

And the holy rollers,
come down from the sky

She's got the heart of an angel,
but she cries like a little girl
She's got the heart of an angel
Well don't she cry, don't she cry, cry, cry

The sign said "Confession,
and redemption while you can"
She sought her salvation,
in the hands of a preacher man

He just took the money,
her innocence and pride
And left her on the doorstep,
with her heart cut open wide

The grand illusion,
just pushed her aside

She needs some healing,
She can't understand
That salvation,
is right in the palm of her hand
Hush, sweet baby,
your soul's in the sky

Hear of an angel,
sent to the heaven
Where all is forgiven,
she's got the heart of an angel
The world needs some healing,
for all to be forgiven

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