The Ghost Inside


I've got something here
worth fighting for. (Give it all) Give me everything
that you've got.

It's all for one, or its none for all.
You're giving me the reason to keep coming back again
and again. (Give it all) Not a single voice unheard or
unspoken. I'm not passing time, not along for the ride.

You're the fuel to my fire, now watch me burn. Who
needs fame, and who needs fortune? Cause I've got
guts, and I've got glory.

We took a shot in the dark,
and we might have failed. This is our one chance. So
ready to see how things turn out. I might have to bite
the bullet again.

Resentment is no longer my cross to
bear. Bitterness and emptiness are a thing of the
past. I've found my shelter. I have my home.

no coming back from this. This could be my destiny. I
won't stray from the path. Nothing else can take
control of my mind. (Not a single voice unheard or

With screams over silence taking place of
the violence, standing together, we are never alone.

paliteen. ",

Compositor: The Gost Inside

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