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Through The Cracks

The Ghost Inside


Pride and pity play no part of the process. Like
allegiance lost in hellfire, I?ve lost it all. Tell
the maker of my grave that I?m not dead.

There?s far
too many things in life I left unsaid. Any face and
any place to tell me none of this was in vain. I?d
live this all again, if you?d do the same. So to the
shadows I disappear. To stay forever, but I won?t end

Dear God, my world is ending. As quickly as it
starts, everything is gone. And everything went wrong.
I've spent so much time trying to live the lie. To be a
part of something bold as blood. Take me home to
embrace the nothingness.

Now I?m home to embrace that
there?s nothing left. No cave can hide me, no one will
find me. Over the years, no apologies, no regrets.

paliteen. ",

Compositor: The Gost Inside

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