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Between The Lines

The Ghost Inside


"Simply put, if you're going to claim be something just for personal benefit or to fit in, see it through the highs and lows. Don't take all the glory, and then when it comes time to do your part, are nowhere to be found."

But when the spotlight comes, where have the words gone? The fall from grace is paved with your lies. Stand strong behind your beliefs, if you can even manage to stand at all. What happened to the blood pumping through your veins? You’ve scattered the ashes of an iron faith. The sun fades below the horizon, and you say goodbye to what used to be. They try to hang pictures of perfection on every wall and every corner, but the negatives fail to transfer to the final print. Defy the leader. Step away from the line. No one will ever get the best of me. What do you stand for? Tell me now, what do you stand for? So sing your song with the highest choir; preach from the top of the world. Share your voice. Admiration of the highest degree. I'm washing my hands of this and leaving it all behind. I'll wash my hands. And leave it behind

paliteen. ",

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