Mr. E

The Getaway People

5 little kids in a rock 'n' roll band got money in the pocket
and money to spend
Drummer had a friend who had a cousin called Jack
who had a head for the good times, called crack
He liked to go cruisin' in his red convertible,
the band heard the news playin'
on the radio speedin' down the highway ready for more
Never saw it comin', then they were 4
4 little kids in a rock 'n' roll band got an axeman
goin' with a demon in his hand
Likes to pose, expose, man it snows up his nose
this is how the story goes:
Lost in a maze doin' Purple Haze, Beautiful, Beautiful!
From the A to the B to the X-T-C to the D doing E,
then they were 3

Mr. E my man you can drive my van
Get your booty on the table take a place in my band
Mr. E my man with the masterplan
it's a different fable in your stable
Friends of mine are friends of yours

3 little kids in a rock 'n' roll band bump into the man
with the masterplan
Face to face Mr. Bassman pays for his ways and
the better he plays
E-string, A-string, D-string, G, tell all the people what you see
Fell off the stage like bassmen do, never got up,
then they were 2

2 little kids in a rock 'n' roll band payin'
their dues to the Candyman
The Moog had to go just to pay
for the snow the Hammond B3 for the LSD
You see life ain't easy when you're down to the last key
Hotel sleazy O.D. gone, never got up, then they were 1

Mr. E my man you can drive my van

1 little kid in a rock 'n' roll band tryin' so hard
just to understand
Dopey fready day and night, just how long 'til I see the light
Mr. E is truly a mystery to me
Mr. E is a guy who a lot of people see in the eye
Mr. E is like the catcher in the rye if you wanna know the reason
Only he can tell you why


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