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Does My Colour Scare You?

The Getaway People

I'm a black man with a gun in my hand,
I ain't got no job, no money to spend
I never meant for things to be like this,
but let me tell you man
It's just the way it is:
One of them "have-nots" lookin' for to cover my needs
I got a family and myself to feed,
I never meant to hurt nobody
But I will if I have to

The world was going insane, mothers and fathers, hide the pain
We all want out of this game, crush the pain, we're all to blame
We claim to be victims, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Christians
Create our own fears, hate grows stronger through the years

Does my colour scare you?
Does my colour make you nervous?
Comfirm all your doubts about my kind?
Are you so inclined?
Does my colour scare you?

I'm a white man with a gun in my hand.....

Whose been feedin' your head?
Y'Mama got no more tears to shed
Probably something was said,
I'm driven to the limit instead
I'm a what man poor man beggarman theif,
evidence of your disbelief
Nobody move nobody gets hurt

Does my colour scare you?..

Brothers and sisters across the land,
you gotta work it out and take a stand
It's all about love for y'fellow woman, y'fellow man
There ain't no masterplan


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