The Germs
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The Germs

Astrio was from a planet blue
He spoke of love for me and you
He could set your mind ablaze
With sparkling eyes and visionary care
He stood like a remnant from an outbreak past
Wore a ring in his ear and boy was he fast
Had hair like a rocket's nest
But when he cheered he gave his best

He made a noise that stirred our souls
Got us moving out of control
When Astrio moved he changed our tunes
The filled his arms with needles bare
Shot him up and cut his hair
Tied him to an evil plot
Told the kids that he was not
their man

He gave us life and dealt us love
Sold us out for the great above
He was
On a starry night in mid-December
Astrio cried you might remember

Live it to the end
Share it with a friend
Deny me not
Cause now you're caught

I'll be with you in the thought

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