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Cat's Clause

The Germs

Down to the feline den I crawl
to join the feline force that waits
I strike a sort of katsy stance
as they look into my cat-like face
From behind their sable masks
Not a purring sound is heard
Their luminous eyes catch my every word;
Tonight's the night the tables turn
You've had your chance and now at last
You've been found guilty by the order of the cat

You've changed our laws and now because of that
Your going to live in the claws of a cat
Talons on and operating
We're sure that you're cooperating
Straighten up that feline face
And put your footsie pads in place
Practice up your katsy glance
And imitate my cat like stance
Tonight's the night the cats return

We'll corner them by the alley wall
Bite and scratch them until they fall
Lap their blood and steel their young
Finish them off just for fun
Tonight's the night the cats will run
Mommy I hear the cat at the door
I think he's cold will you let him in?
Lay them out and leave our mark
A cat scratch angle above the heart
On we'll go to another house
To play the game of cat and mouse

Why do you plead when we don't care?
We're the cats and we don't scare
You've had your turn and now it's ours
We're the cats and we've got claws

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