The French Song

The Geraldine Fibbers

Now I lay me down to sleep, pray the lord my soul to keep.
Keep me through this starry night, 'til I wake with morning light.
My soul to keep... my soul to keep
Locked up tight while lovers leap
In the end I'll jump off too
I'm already down with you
And now I lay me to my bed, silence roaring through my head
Babes aren't safe in restless sleep--gone in one terrific leap
And you're so pretty... You're such a pretty pretty thing
Those pretty lips make my heart race
I get dizzy when I see your face, I get stupid when I see your face
Down with you, I'm down with you.
I'm stuck like mud, I'm stuck like glue.
The truth be told, I guess I always knew
That in the end I'd jump off too.
I can not fly...
And my eyes are open wide
I'm going down, yeah one more time
Over the edge with a stupid grin
She never knew what hit her.

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